Research and Development

Soft Strength

Product situation: More than 600 kinds of model of intelligent power terminals and intelligent energy metering system.

Intellectual property: Declared 728 intellectual property rights , including two international invention patents and 213 national invention patents.

Standardization: Participated in 106 international, national, electricity and other standards with 24 standards published;

Honors: Achieved over 13 awards in the national key new products, China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award, the torch products, the state's key new, and 11 awards in Zhejiang and other province Science and Technology award.

Hard Strength

>>>Inspection platform

Our company has a 750-square-meter laboratory, with 5 functional departments and 31 engineers. The test center has the ability to test the full performance of the meter, from R&D to certification to batch production to outdoor simulation operation for full process monitoring. The laboratory adopts the LIMS management system to realize a perfect inspection system with business data queried and test data traceable.

>>>CNAS Laboratory

The test and reliability center of our company obtained CNAS testing and calibration in 2011.

● Meter function room
● Power Standard Room
● Electricity test Room
● Climate Impact Room
● Vibration shock room
● Reliability test room

● Automation Technology
● Research Room
● EMC room
● Magnetic Influence Room
● Dustproof and waterproof room
● Salt spray test room

● Terminal function room
● Measuring room
● Safety impact room
● Heat-resistant flame-retardant room
● Drop test room
● Life test room