Holley History

  • 1970.9.28: Company established
    Company predecessor was "Yuhang bamboo ware and rain tools factory".
  • 1990-1999: Innovation, rapid development
    Built 7 research laboratory, had more than 200 professional personnel
    Was the first to became the province level research and development center
    Long life energy meter technology was in the leading, occupied about 1/3 market shares in China
  • 2000-2008: Technology transition
    From energy meter manufacturer transformed to whole solution project supplier
  • 2009-2015: smart and integrated development
    Integrated electric meter, water meter, gas meter, thermal Meters, etc. developed the advanced energy management system’
    Had the international smart meter automatically inspection system
  • 2015
    "Holley Metering Ltd." renamed to "Holley Technology Ltd."
  • 2016-now: Energy and IoT, strategy transition
    Start 3 big changes (IPD, IT, Intelligent Manufacture)
    Overall transition to the energy and IoT industry ecological strategy.