Jordan Project:

Holley started business in Jordan since 2013. Until now Holley has been keeping 95% market share, which counts for a total of 1 million meters. Jordan is the first smart meter market Holley deployed in the Middle East. Throughout the years, Holley products are having good performance in the market and Holley brand is highly recognized by the Customers. The main products supplied to Jordan are mainly single phase and three phase smart meters working with Holley and Huawei AMI systems. The communication technologies include GRPS/3G/4G, PLC and Ethernet. The Power Utilities in Jordan have high requirements for products and continuously ask for new functions and new technologies. Holley has been investing a lot of resources to support the market and provide the Customers with high-quality products and services. The series of products in the Jordan market have also become the benchmark of Holley’s overseas products.

Customer Photos: