Prepayment Management solution

Prepayment management solution

Holley Prepayment system is used for collecting smart prepaid meter data and keeping the data to memory database. Through processing meter demand data, energy data, instantaneous data and billing data, it provides data analysis and line loss analysis results or reports the customers.

Who will use this System?
Utility customer
Commercial & Industrial consumer
Residential consumer
Point of sale of the utility
Back office system such as Billing, GIS, SCADA System

Product Advantages
● Standard
STS keypad and card compliant system
Multi-database platform support E.g. ORACLE, SQL-Server, etc.
Interoperability interface compliant with multi language standard

● Multifunction
Credit token vending and transaction

● Management
Security management
Tariff, tax and charge management
Vending client management
Meter asset management
Query user-defined report management
Third party interface support

● Flexibility
Multi-vending terminals support such as ATM, CDU, Mobile, POS, E-bank, Scratch Card, App, etc.
Multi-communication channels support such as GPRS, PSTN, SMS, Ethernet, WiFi, WiMAX, etc.

● Security
Full scalable architecture, capable of high transaction volumes
Seamless upgrade from standard vending system to smart payment vending system

● Reliability
Unified system management and disaster recovery switchover supported by head office, independent operation management by branch office
Support WEB load balancing and database load balancing technology

● Scalability
Multi-level access authorization management
User accessed and vending transaction traceable
Abnormal case analysis, billing data analysis, etc.
Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Typical Work Flow
1.Customers to the point of sale of electricity
2.Communication between the sale point and the prepaid system
3.Sales of electricity to buy electricity bills to customers
4.TOKEN input meter for customer according to purchase bill
5.Meter receiving TOKEN, recharge success

Prepayment Solution

Prepayment Meters