DTSD546 Three Phase Four Wire Socket Type (16S/9S) Static TOU Meters




DTSD546 Three Phase Four Wire Socket Type (16S/9S) Static TOU Meters are designed to be used in industrial power systems. The meters support active and reactive energy metering and billing, TOU, maximum demand, load profile and event log. The meters are with CA 0.2 accuracy as specified by ANSI C12.20. Two-way optical communication as per ANSI C12.18/ANSI C12.19 is available. The meters are type approved by UL and are suitable for outdoor installation complying to UL50 Type 3 Enclosure requirement.


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Basic Meter Type 3 Phase 4 Wire
Meter Standard

ANSIC12.1, ANSIC12.10, ANSI C12.20, ANSIC12.16, ANSI C62.41, ANSI C37.90.1, ANSI C12.18, ANSI C12.19, ASTM -B117, UL-50

Active Accuracy

Active Class 0.2, Reactive Class 1

Rated voltage Un


Operating Voltage Range 0.7Un~1.15Un
Operating frequency 50HZ±5%
Current 16S: 30A(200A)/15(100A); 9S: 2.5A(20A)
Starting current 16S: 0.1A/0.05A; 9S: 0.01A
Constant 16S: KH2.5; 9S: KH2.0
Communication Optical port Protocol: ANSI C12.18/ANSI C12.19
Measurement Energy

Active energy, Reactive energy (leading), Reactive energy (lagging)


Voltage, Current, Power factor, Active power, Reactive power


Active maximum demand, Active cumulative demand, Instantaneous active demand

TOU Rates

Support up to 4 rates, rate period configurable


Billing time & day

Configurable, default 00:00 on the first day of each month

Billing objects

Total kWh, Leading kVarh, Lagging kVarh, Active MD and time of occurrence, Active cumulative demand

Historical data

40 historical data

LED & LCD Display


1 active pulse indicator, 1 reactive pulse indicator,

1 tamper alarm indicator

LCD digits

Total 7 digits, number of integers and decimals configurable

Display parameters

Configurable to show energy, demand, instantaneous values, etc.

Mode of display scroll

Auto scroll and manual scroll are available. Manual scroll is realized by magnet touch

Power off display

LCD can be turned on to show scroll parameters by magnet touch and will be off in 5 minutes


Backup battery

- Expected life 10 year

- Replaceable



≤0.5s/day (in 23°C)


By communication command


Event log

300 events

Main events

Power off/on, time change, demand reset, rate change, measurement error, low battery, reverse current


Enclosure protection

UL50 Type 3

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